CI6X series impact crusher
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CI6XCI6X series impact crusher

Introducción del producto:The CI6X series impact crusher is designed lately to meet the needs of customers for high profit, low cost, energy conservation and consumption reduction. It is an ideal choice for coarse and medium crushing in a large-capacity crushing production line.

Características técnicas

● The involute cavity design allows the material to hit the impact plate vertically and the material returns to the inlet direction in the hammer action area increasing the number of hits the crushing efficiency is significantly improved and the discharge particle shape is better.
● The overall welding process has high precision and strong impact resistance reducing current fluctuations during operation. The bonding surface of the lower frame of the rotor and the bearing seat adopts an integral processing technology to ensure the processing accuracy.
● The multi-functional full hydraulic operating system realizes full hydraulic adjustment of discharge granularity full hydraulic top opening and replacement of wearing parts. The liner is fixed by high-strength bolts and can be replaced directly from the outside reducing the labor and time cost of replacing the liner.
● The bearing seat precise positioning device reduces the operation difficulty of bearing seat positioning during maintenance. The overall blower design is reliable and fixed making the disassembly and assembly of the blower more convenient and quick.

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Rotor specifications (mm)

Inlet size(mm)

Maximum feed size(mm)

Capacity (t/h)

Installed power(kW)



CI6X1110 1100×1000 1020×820 500(recommend≤250) 150-200 160 160-200 2626×2106×1945
CI6X1213 1200×1300 1320×880 550(recommend≤300) 200-300 200 200-250 2809×2529×2091
CI6X1315 1300×1500 1540×930 600(recommend≤300) 250-350 250 250-315 2880×2755×2560
CI6X1520 1500×2000 2040×995 700(recommend≤350) 400-600 250×2 400-500 3390×3520×2790
CI6X1313 1300×1300 1320×1225 800(recommend≤550) 300-450 200 200-250 2963×2560×2611
CI6X1415 1400×1500 1540×1320 900(recommend≤600) 350-550 250 250-315 2995×2790×3090
CI6X1620 1600×2000 2040×1630 1100(recommend≤700) 500-900 200×2 400-500 3485×3605×3720
CI6X2023 2000×2300 2310×1990 1300(recommend≤800) 1200-2000 500×2 1000-1200 4890×4330×4765
Cavity Type Modelo Maximum feed size: 350-400mm Maximum feed size: 200mm
Final Size: 60mm Final Size: 40mm Final Size: 40mm Final Size: 20mm
Medium Crushing CI6X1110 190t/h 150 t/h 210t/h 130t/h
CI6X1213 250t/h 200 t/h 280 t/h 180t/h
CI6X1315 320t/h 250 t/h 350 t/h 220 t/h
  CI6X1520 500 t/h 400 t/h 550 t/h 350t/h
Cavity Type   Maximum feed size: 800mm Maximum feed size: 600mm
Modelo Final Size: 200mm Final Size: 100mm Final Size: 200mm Final Size: 100mm
Coarse  Crushing CI6X1313 450 t/h 300 t/h 480 t/h 320 t/h
CI6X1415 550 t/h 360 t/h 600 t/h 400 t/h
CI6X1620 870 t/h 570 t/h 920 t/h 620 t/h
CI6X2023 1750 t/h 1150 t/h 1950t/h 1250 t/h

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