• 08/10
  • 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about Machine-made Sand

Machine-made sand is an indispensable material in engineering construction and plays an important role, but many users do not have a thorough understanding of machine-made sand. Here, some common knowledge of machine-made sand is introduced for your reference....

  • 07/29
  • 2021

Powerful Performance, One Unit—Impact Crusher Of Vanguard Machinery

With the acceleration of urban infrastructure, people's demand for sand and gravel aggregates has gradually increased. The importance of the impact crusher is self-evident, as one of the commonly used equipment in the sand and gravel aggregate production l...

  • 07/16
  • 2021

5X New Sand Making Machine-The Sharp Arrow Of The Sand Making Industry

The 5X new sand making machine is modified and upgraded on the basis of the traditional vertical shaft sand making machine. Through the design of each part and the use of wear-resistant materials, the overall performance of the crusher is further improved. It ...

  • 07/01
  • 2021

Introduction of 1-2 And 1-3 Gravel, Coarse And Fine sand, Mud And Powder And Other Industry Terms

In the sand and gravel industry, we often say 1-2, 1-3 gravel. If you enter the industry early, you must understand what it means, but newcomers may wonder what size gravel is this? The 1-2 and 1-3 stones were a question that a friend consulted a few days ago,...

  • 06/24
  • 2021

How Does The Crusher Achieve Normal Production Under High Temperatures?

Recently, the temperature has reached more than 30℃ in many places across the country. And the continuous high-temperature environment will bring many difficulties to the use of crushers and other mining equipment. In addition, rainy and humid summers will als...

  • 06/18
  • 2021

How To Choose A Secondary crusher? Impact Crusher Or Cone Crusher?

Same as secondary crushing equipment, the obvious difference between impact crusher and cone crusher is that the crushing principle and appearance structure are different, which is easy to distinguish. The impact crusher adopts the principle of impact crushing...

  • 06/10
  • 2021

How To Choose Cone Crusher? The Difference and Advantages and Disadvantages of Single-cylinder and Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher?

Cone crusher is currently one of the widely used mining machinery and equipment. With the development of the market, there are many types of products at home and abroad, and the performance of each type of crusher is different. At present, spring cone crusher ...

  • 04/28
  • 2021

Why Do We Need To Reshape The Aggregate? How To Choose Between Impact Crusher And Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher?

In recent years, with the improvement of aggregate grade standards, higher-quality and better-shaped aggregates have been favored by the broad market and have become the pursuit of more crushing production line investors. Why do we need to reshape the aggregat...

  • 04/21
  • 2021

The Pioneer of Complete Crushing Plant –Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is an indispensable coarse crushing equipment in mine crushing and aggregate production lines. It can be said to be at the pioneer position in the entire crushing plant. As the primary crusher, it can process various ores with compressive strength ...

  • 04/14
  • 2021

Excellent Shape, Comparable To Natural Sand, Special Equipment For Machine-Made Construction Sand-5x Series Sand Making Machine

Machine-made sand is also called crushed sand and artificial sand, which means that the raw materials are crushed into sand below 5mm by the crusher and sand making machine. The finished product is more regular and can be processed into sand in different rules...

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