• 06/25
  • 2021

What are the procedures for opening a construction waste sand making plant? How to declare? What issues need attention?

As the urbanization process continues accelerating, the amount of construction waste produced and discharged in cities is also rapidly increasing. If construction waste cannot be treated in time, it will inevitably have an adverse impact on society, the enviro...

  • 06/16
  • 2021

What Is The Raw Material Of Machine-made Sand? A Detailed Explanation Of The Process Flow Of The Machine-made Sand Production Line

Machine-made sand is made by crushing, screening, sand making machines and related equipment. The finished products are more regular and can be processed into the sand of different rules and sizes according to different technological requirements. It is widely...

  • 06/08
  • 2021

River Sand, Sea Sand, Desert Sand, and Machine-made Sand, Which Is Suitable As Construction Aggregates? What Are The Differences Between Them?

Sand is an indispensable material for construction projects. It is an important raw material for concrete, which adjusts the proportion of coarse aggregate in concrete and fills gaps in the aggregate. Sand is mainly divided into four types: river sand, sea san...

  • 05/27
  • 2021

Work hard and create something new, and the "carbon neutrality" of the crushing industry depends on it!

Introduction: In December 2020, the Central Economic Work Conference listed "Doing a good job in achieving carbon peaks and carbon neutrality" as one of the key tasks in 2021, and called for urgently formulating an action plan for peaking carbon emissions by 2...

  • 04/21
  • 2021

Why Choose Basalt As The Raw Material For Crushing? How To Configure The Complete Crushing Production Line?

The rock structure of basalt often has stomata, almond-like structure and porphyritic structure. The common color is mostly black, dark brown or dark green, and it is one of the common types of stone on land. Because of its excellent material, it is selected b...

  • 11/25
  • 2019

VANGUARD Sand Production Line Helps You Get Rid Of the Sand Shortage

Although 2019 is not over yet, the application for approval of local special bonds in advance in 2020 is over. It is estimated that it will reach 1.29 trillion yuan. Major transportation infrastructure projects will still be the focus of local transfer bonds i...

  • 08/15
  • 2018

Factores limitantes de la rotación en el molino de rodillos de escoria

Si el rodillo de molienda gira con dificultad, la capacidad se reducirá y el tamaño de salida será peor. ¿Cuáles son los factores que influyen en la rotación del rodillo de molino de escoria.Cuando el molino de escoria...

  • 08/15
  • 2018

Sugerencias sobre la línea de trituración de cal calcinada

Cuando la línea de trituración de cal calcinada se pone en funcionamiento, debe operar la máquina de acuerdo con las reglas. Hay cinco cosas que debes saber.En primer lugar, tenga cuidado con el amperímetro del gabinete de control. ...

  • 11/06
  • 2015

El equipo de trituración de piedra utilizado en cada proceso

El equipo de trituración se utiliza a menudo en minería, metalurgia, construcción, autopistas, ferrocarriles, conservación de agua, industria química. El equipo de trituración de piedra más utilizado es la tritu...

  • 11/06
  • 2015

Trituradora de cono para mezclar el agregado

El agregado tiene un papel importante en la construcción de autopistas. La trituradora de cono hecha en Vanguard Machinery es un equipo necesario para procesar piedra y agregados con sus ventajas de buen rendimiento, producto final bien distribuido. La ...

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