Made With Ingenuity, No Fear Of Tests | 120 Tons Per Hour River Stone Crushing Production Line In Shanxi Was Successfully Put Into Operation

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Recently, as the stone crushers run, the 120TPH river stone crushing production line contracted and designed by Zhengzhou Vanguard Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Vanguard Machinery) for Shanxi customers has been successfully put into production. The complete set of equipment for the production line has the three major characteristics of excellent particle size, stable and high yield, and environmental protection.

river stone crushing site, cone crusher plant, 120tph sand making plant,Vanguard Machinery

一、 Project Overview

The production line is located in Datong, Shanxi. The mining area is dominated by river stone. The river stone is a pure natural stone. The main chemical component is silicon dioxide. The average content of SiO2 is 85%. The highest compressive strength can reach more than 300MPa, the comprehensive hardness is more than 7 degrees on the Mohs, and it has good compression resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is one of the very common natural stones, and it is also the main source of stone for the production of machine-made sand.

River stone crushing process

river stone crushing plant,120TPH stone crushing plant, machine-made-sand production line configuration,Vanguard Machinery

The customer has its own concrete mixing plant. In order to be able to produce and offer to personal company, and to improve efficiency, it expanded its production. In 2020, it signed a contract with our company for the complete crushing production line equipment. Vanguard technical engineers fully combined the project site conditions and the actual needs of customers, and scientifically designed the entire production line configuration plan. The entire crushing production line has a reasonable process design, a compact layout, intelligent and environmental protection!

Production line configuration

ZSW3896 Vibrating feeder + PE600x900 Jaw crusher + CSV132 Cone crusher + YA1860 Vibrating screen

machine-made-sand production line, river stone crushing plant site, cone crusher, fine crushing plant site, Vanguard Machinery

二、 Video of crushing site

The customer’s site took 5 months from contract signing to smooth commissioning. From design to production and delivery to after-sales installation, Vanguard Machinery has won high recognition from customers for its professionalism and quality, which also confirms Vanguard Machinery's technical advantages and quality of service again.