200 T/H Mobile Crushing Production Line Was Successfully Put Into Operation in Zhejiang

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China is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in July. 200T/H granite mobile crushing production line designed and built by Vanguard Machinery was successfully put into operation, news came from a customer in the southeast coastal city of Zhejiang.

Vanguard Machinery impressed customers with economical and reasonable design and perfect service to reach the cooperation, and successfully integrated Vanguard's products into the beautiful coastal scenery, creating another large-scale crushing project in the southeast coast.

When the order was received, the customer required fast delivery and stated that it's urgent for the work was about to start. In order to ensure that the customer started work on time, the vice president of production personally supervised the production and test machine, and all teams in the factory worked overtime. It only took one and a half months from the customer visit to the successful delivery. Customers expressed high recognition and appreciation for Vanguard's speed and product quality.

Project overview:

Capacity:200 T/H

Final size:0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-31.5mm

Final product use:commercial mixing plant

Main equipment:crawler type LA106 mobile jaw crusher plant + tire type VPC mobile cone crusher plant

Vanguard mobile crushing and screening equipment is divided into crawler-type mobile crushing plant and tire-type mobile crushing plant. It is integrated with diversified functional systems such as feeding, crushing, screening, and transfer. Each level of crushing plant is an independent unit, each of the working units can fulfill their different responsibilities. And the belt conveyor is responsible for the material transfer and stacking between the crushing plants. This series of products is high efficiency, energy saving, stable and reliable, which can be adapted to any terrain conditions and easy to operate for adopting innovative technology, combining with sophisticated process design with complete functions. They are widely used in sand and gravel aggregate crushing, urban construction, metallurgy, energy, environmental protection, road and bridge construction and other fields.

crawler type mobile crushing plant, mobile crusher for limestone, Vanguard Machinery
crawler type mobile crushing plant, mobile crusher for River stone, Vanguard Machinery
tire type mobile crushing plant, mobile crusher for granite, Vanguard Machinery

The main advantages of the mobile crushing plant:

1. The main machine of the crushing station can be switched freely, which can meet the different needs of different customers. It realizes a machine with multiple functions, operation and operation are more flexible and convenient. It can directly crush the materials on site without having to move the materials off the site for further processing, which reduces the transportation cost of materials.

2. The length of the mobile crushing station is short, the different crushing equipment is installed on the movable chassis, the wheelbase is short, the turning radius is small, and it can be driven flexibly in ordinary roads and operating areas;

3. Equipped with excellent main equipment, large reduction ratio, high efficiency, larger output and excellent effect, it is an ideal crushing pioneer; According to different crushing process requirements, it can be composed of first crushing and then screening or a first screening and then crushing process. The crushing plant can form a secondary crushing and screening system for coarse crushing and fine crushing according to actual needs. Or the tertiary crushing and screening system for a coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, which can also be operated independently and great flexibility;

4. The use of a new centralized lubrication system makes maintenance and repair more convenient, which can save a lot of labor and time costs;

5. After being crushed, construction waste can be recycled, turning waste into treasure, reducing construction waste costs, and saving energy for the country. It is in line with the sustainable development strategy advocated by the country and belongs to a healthy green industry.